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September 08 2012


Why Are Tobacco Companies So Scared of Electronic Cigarettes?

It has often been said that if people can get the same benefits without the hazards associated with smoking, it is only a matter of time before every smoker switches to electronic cigarettes. If current statistical reports are to be believed, this situation is quite foreseeable in the future. It is natural then, that tobacco companies have a cause for concern.

In comparison to the market share held by tobacco companies today, electronic cigarette makers are only small players. Easily, the marketing budget alone of each tobacco big player is significantly higher than the whole of the e-cigarette industry put together. Advertising for e-cigarettes is virtually non-existent when compared to the extensive ad-campaigns of their tobacco counterparts. Electronic cigarettes were completely ignored when they first began appearing on the market a few years ago, but with rising popularity tobacco companies have finally woken up to the threat that e-cigs pose to their market share. And they have been acting on their fears in quite a few ways.

One reaction of the tobacco giants has been to try and discredit electronic cigarettes. Several rumors exist over their alleged funding of studies and campaigns against the tobacco-free devices. According to e-cig manufacturers, reports that label their products as highly dangerous and unsafe for use carry no truth in them, as they have been sponsored by the tobacco and pharmaceutical industries.

On the other hand, a few tobacco companies have been playing a different sort of game. They appear to wait for a small e-cigarette brand to gain a reputation and then buy the company out. Case in point – Blu, one of the biggest e-cigarette companies in America, was bought. It is highly unlikely that the tobacco industry plans to eliminate one e-cig brand at a time by buying them out. Does this mean tobacco companies are ready to venture into the business of e-cigs? We will just have to wait and watch on that one.

June 13 2012


Two Incredible Months of Vaping

I can't believe it's only been two months since I started using e-cigarettes. It took some getting used to, but now I feel like I've been vaping forever.

Those V2 e-cigs I decided to purchase the first time I discovered electronic cigarettes have really been a lot better than I expected. A few friends of mine have had some pretty unpleasant experiences with convenience store purchased e-cigs, so I didn't really have that high hopes for my first vaporizers, but I couldn't be more wrong. As it turns out, V2 really is a reputable company, they've delivered on time, and already replaced two of my batteries, so I couldn't be more pleased.

It's true, in the beginning I had some problems with the taste. The e-liquid tasted like tobacco, only I wasn't really looking for that raw, natural flavor, but the burnt taste of real cigarettes. Even after the first month I still craved real cigs, but at least I got a daily fix of nicotine, which helped me go on. But, as the days went by, I started getting used to the taste of tobacco vapor, and even grew to like it. After going through my first batch of cartomizers, I decided to experiment with other flavors as well. V2 has a nice selection which tries to imitate analog brands like Marlboro or Parliament, so I gave those a try first.

Two weeks ago, after doing some online research, I decided to try and refill cartomizers myself, instead of ordering new ones. It was a lot easier than I thought, so I decided to try other juices from different e-cigarette suppliers. That's how I stumbled upon the delicious e-liquid made by Halo Cigs. It's hard to even describe how in love I am with it right now, so I'll just say I found the perfect vaping material. It's got a nice hint of raw tobacco and delivers that nice throat hit I missed so much.

Right now, I'm thinking about purchasing some new electronic cigarettes, probably a bulkier model to use when I'm at home. They're not ideal for vaping in public as they tend to make you look awkward, but PVs like the eGo deliver a lot more vapor and their batteries will probably hold you through the day even under heavy vaping. But I'm definitely sticking with my V2 e-cigs for outings.

Like I reported in my previous post, my health has improved considerably since switching to vapor. After a short period of severe coughing, when I first started using electronic cigs, I've been cough-free for over six weeks. I'm told initial symptoms like coughing are pretty normal, as the proylene glycol irritates the throat. But I'm perfectly ok now, and am looking forward to a normal tobacco-free life.

Hopefully I'll be able to check back with more updates on my journey in the world of vapor more frequently, with the summer finally here.

April 11 2012


My Experience with E-Cigarettes So Far

Well, it's been three weeks since my last post and during that time I've bought my first electronic cigarette kit and tried to get used to it.

I'll tell you, e-cigarettes are nothing like the real thing. I mean sure, they look almost identical to analogs, are light enough and produce thick vapor that can almost pass for smoke, especially if you exhale really slowly, but in terms of taste, they couldn't be more different.

After going through a few reviews, I decided to get the cheaper but very well regarded Smokeless Image Volt instead of the V2, simply because I was pressed for cash. I had read they introduced a new generation device along with improved cartomizers that made vaping even more pleasurable. Since I don't have anything to compare it with, I can't say whether it's the best e-cigarette or the worst, but I'm pretty happy with it.

Delivery time was excellent and the components were all intact when I opened the package, so I don't really have anything to complain in that department. Smokeless Image has a great customer service department, from what I've read, but I hope I won't have to deal with them any time soon.

Now to the actual e-cigarette experience. I was a little disappointed with the vapor volume, at first, but that was before I realized I had to take slow, long draws in order to get the best out of the whole vaping thing. Although the e-cig is really slim it can really produce an impressive amount of vapor if you use it the way you're supposed to. Battery lasts me about a day, but I've got to in case I run out of juice on a stressful day.

I've grown accustomed to using an e-cigarette instead of an analog, but the one thing I can't get used to is the taste. Because there is no burn in the device, you don't get that heavy, smoky taste like from the tobacco cigarette, although I can tell these people did their best to imitate the plant. It tastes more like raw, dried tobacco, which isn't that bad, but it's nothing like a real cigarette. I've experienced with a few flavors, like chocolate and strawberry, but it's not really my cup of tea.

Although I still get a craving for real cigarettes, especially when I see someone else lighting up, the fact that I feel so much better after just three weeks keeps me strong. I don't cough anymore, I feel my lungs really filling up with air and I can climb to the fifth floor of my apartment building.

So everything is going great so far, i'll let you know about my progress first chance I get.

March 19 2012


How I'm Trying to Quit Smoking with E-Cigarettes

It's never easy talking about your weaknesses, but I've always found talking about them and confronting them works a lot better than avoiding them. So I decided to start this blog to share with you my experience with quitting smoking.

Cigarettes have been a part of my life for the last 13 years, so you can imagine how hard it is for me to say goodbye to them after so long. But my doctor says I've already lost most of my lung capacity and if I keep it up, I might end up dragging a tube with me wherever  go. I have other plans with my life, so I'm serious about quitting for good...At least this time I am, because I've tried a few times...

Anyway, I know from experience that going cold turkey doesn't work for me, so this time I'm trying something different - electronic cigarettes. From what I gather they are some sort of electric inhalers that release vapor instead of smoke, along with a small amount of nicotine. I've tried inhalers before, as well as gum and patches, but they didn't work very well. Hopefully I'll have more luck with these e-cigarettes.

I have a few acquaintances who vouch for these e-cigarettes, some even claiming they owe their lives to them. Apparently they contain none of the toxins in real tobacco cigarettes and in time they can help you completely give up smoking. To tell you the truth, I'm actually looking forward to not gasping after a few flights of stairs and actually going for a jog without being afraid my heart might pop out. And if electronic cigarettes can do that, I'm willing to try them for a while.

To get me started, I've browsed through a few online e-cigarette reviews, to see what the most popular brands are right now. It seems V2 Cigs are really good, and they do look almost identical to real cigs, which should make the transition easier. I will place an order the following days and update as soon as they arrive.

I just hope e-cigarettes are as good as everyone says they are, and I don't end up spending $100 on something useless. I'm keeping my fingers crossed...  
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